Crawford County Citizens for Life

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Crawford County Citizens For Life was established in January 2004 as a local chapter of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. We are an incorporated, non-profit public service organization dedicated to the protection of life from a Judeo-Christian perspective. As the attack on the sanctity of life continues, we will strive to promote and uphold reverence and respect for all human life, born and unborn, without regard to age, race, religion or health. The purpose of this organization is to protect human life at every stage of biological development, from conception to natural death.

In accordance with our purpose, we strive:

•    To educate the community in regards to abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, fetal experimentation, cloning and other activities which deny the value and dignity of human life.

•    To maintain public awareness of anti-life movements and current relevant issues.

•    To support legislation and other actions which protect human life and to oppose whatever is detrimental to human life.

•    To identify and organize the pro-life population of Crawford County into effective forces.